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Recorded in Leeds West Yorkshire in 2 days onto 4 track tape recorder in the House of Love by Adam Richards. 

Artwork by Katie Kat of the Pine Hill Haints 

Gavin Jay (Jim Jones Revue/Righteous Mind) : "jagged, twisted, fucked-up Schizobilly. Great playing and wild energy. A shot in the arm for rock n roll." 

Shakin Katz Radio "Out For Blood struts in with a whack of swagger,maintains it and leaves you wanting more. Yes it's dark,raw and rough but hell it's also damn good. Recommended! " 

UK Rock'n'Roll Magazine. "Echo and fuzz laden inter-genre-fuck-fest of surf, spaghetti-western and rockabilly guitar all drenched in attitude" 

Backseat Mafia " X Ray Cat Trio definitely fall into the “Horror” genre. This is lo-fi and stripped back surf with a Latin edge, think Link Wray shooting tequila with a Mariachi band in a dive bar late into the evening. " 

Vibrations Magazine " I have to see this band and see them soon. They sound like almost the most fun you can have in a small room. They’re a riot."


released October 31, 2015 

Mastered at Greenmount Studios by Jamie Lockhart 

El Nico: Guitars / Vocals / Theremin / Piano 
Adam Richards: Double Bass / Dub Siren / Tape Machine

Out For Blood 13 Track CD Album

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